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Our Team


Mr.Vikrant Vijay Kadam


Own over 20 years of expertise in both electronics and information technology, having graduated from Mumbai University with a degree in electronics. He is constantly concerned with meeting and exceeding clients' expectations. His background in a broad range of business domains consistently contributes novel ideas. He sticks out as an excellent instance of a "COOL BOSS".

MAJOR ROLE : In charge of organizing, planning, and overseeing activities and initiatives. creates and puts into practice uniform policies, practices, operational reporting, and metrics for cost accounting and inventory management. oversees and provides senior management with reports on the company's performance.

FUN FACT : [When his squad is feeling pressured, he is adept at cracking SANTA-BANTA jokes.]


Mr.Avadhut Arun Parab

Chief Technology Officer

Having more than ten years of experience and an IT degree from Mumbai University. He is more focused on technology and constantly ensures that our clients receive high-quality items that meet their needs and prompt responses. He is the backbone when it comes to web development and technology for Acertec and is truest at heart in whatever he does. Well not just a music lover; he can also be "SARCASTIC" all the time.


Mr.Pradeep Krishna Henber

Project Manager

Has an IT degree from Mumbai University and has over 8 years of work experience. He enjoys learning new things as a hobby. He approaches initiatives that are given to him with passion and dedication. He spends the days and nights partying with his friends when he's not coding and also has a hidden talent of trading.

FUN FACT : [As a devoted follower of the RCB "EE SAALA CUP NAAMDE", he never learned to give up on his efforts.]

Mrs.Neha Pawar

Project Co-ordinator

With the experience of more than 10 years in IT field, half of her workspace tenure has been with Acertec. Orients, trains, assigns, schedules, and coaches staff to fulfill job needs.She maintains work standards by finding ways to improve work processes, fixing operational issues, and adhering to production, productivity, quality, and customer service standards.


Mr.Jeet Sanjay Harmalkar

Digital Marketing Head

B.Com Mumbai University alumnus with over seven years of experience as a qualified market research and social media specialist. He never stayed to just one area of expertise and kept acquiring knowledge, which allowed him to advance to his current position. A full-time strategist for Acertec's online branding and, when at work, an expert in creating a happy environment.

FUN FACT : [Never talk about movies and alcohol capacity when he's around.]

Mr.Rahul Gunaji Jadhav

Sr.Fullstack Developer

A Mumbai University IT graduate with more than three years of experience working in-house. He is one of Acertec's two rising stars. He is proficient in both areas and is aware of how to do things correctly. He works diligently and quickly completes the tasks assigned to him.

FUN FACT : We call him "Acertecs NARUTO" since he enjoys watching anime in his spare time while he isn't working.

Mr.Dhananjay Subhash Patil

Sr.Fullstack Developer

A computer science graduate with more than two years of experience from Mumbai University. He is Acertec's other rising star. If programming is an art form, we would refer to him as Picasso. In his spare time, he experiments with a wide range of programs and excels at sheer brilliance in his work. For Acertec, he is a man of his word.

FUN FACT : [A fan of traditional folk dance (LAVNI), and the only positive thing that has transpired in Central Mumbai.]

Mr.Sandesh Kadam

Chief Financial Officer

When his team most needs him, he is someone with exceptional bookkeeping and paperwork skills. He is Acertec Infotech's most talented accountant, with an overall experience of almost ten years in accounting. Solidified his status as a true team player and one of the people aware of the firm.